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Where to sleep and eat?

The Heart of Slovenia attracts people who enjoy meeting other kind-hearted people. Which is why the most popular choices for multi-day adventures are tourism farms and inns with accommodation which boast a long-standing tradition. There are nice modern hotels and lodging houses, rooms and apartments in the Heart of Slovenia area. You will find them in the centre of mediaeval towns, as well as in the green countryside, by the thermal waters or in the land known for charcoal burning.

Experience campsites or stop at one of the numerous motorhome stopovers – usually conveniently located in farmyards. The Heart of Slovenia is a unique caravanning destination!

Wherever you find your spot, locations in the centre of Slovenia allow you to discover the diversities of the Heart of Slovenia as well as the whole Slovenia – the only country in the European Union which boasts the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain within reasonable distance. The intertwinement of diversity has also influenced the exceptionally varied culinary offer of Slovenia. In the green countryside of the Heart of Slovenia local self-sufficiency is being maintained. You will find the richness of homegrown food on excursion farms and be enchanted by the local and regional gastronomic specialties at typical countryside inns, modern restaurants, mountain huts or at occasional picnics. Slovenia boasts 23 gastronomic regions, several of which are part of the Heart of Slovenia. There are 3 wine-producing regions in Slovenia. The Heart of Slovenia stretches to the Posavje wine-producing region, which is renowned for its autochthonous cviček with certified and protected geographical origin.