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Village of Zgornja Jablanica

Village of Zgornja Jablanica

Društvo za razvoj podeželja LAZ

Zg. Jablanica 1, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji

Zgornja Jablanica is a settlement in Posavsko hribovje. The village grew parallel with the development of the old mining activity which dates back as far as the Roman era. Amid the field between Zgornja Jablanica and Spodnja Jablanica is Jablaniški studenec, a spring of drinking water, where women were paid to wash laundry as late as the 1970s. Some people say the water has healing powers. At the very spring watercress, known as bobonk, grows. The village inhabitants will be able to tell you how they used to cut it and eat it in the winter time instead of salad. Testimonies to the area’s fertility are numerous skilfully designed and ornamented double hay-racks and barns from the times of the writer Fran Levstik. The locals are cheerful people who love to sing and revive traditional customs. By prior arrangement they are also happy to demonstrate our old traditions to you.

St. Anne’s Church stands on a piece of elevated ground. The present church was built in the Baroque style, with a date of 1755 inscribed on the main portal. If you turn right at the granary in the village centre you will get to the Jablaniški potok Stream. Walk along it and a nature study trail will lead you to the EKO kmetija Bancerle organic farm.

Zgornja Jablanica is also a natural habitat for bats and is therefore included in Natura 2000, the ecological network of protected areas.

GPS:  N 46°02'32" / E 14°52'24"