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Tunjice Natural Health Resort

Tunjice Natural Health Resort

V D d. o. o.

Tunjice 12, 1241 Kamnik

The natural health resort with 10 healing spots, located near St. Anne’s Church in Tunjice, at the foot of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, boasts scientifically-proven healing effects on a variety of conditions and diseases. In addition to numerous energy springs, there’s a well with healing living water.

The energy of the natural health resort is proven to have a beneficial effect on headaches, lower back pain, stress and exhaustion, infertility, rheumatism and the nervous system disease. Visitors are checked with a Kirlian camera in order to see the energy condition of the individual. After the examination is done, visitors are taken on a therapeutic healing through energy centres. Additionally, they offer an Indian head massage, Thai body massage, Swedish massage and a metamorphic technique.

You can buy living water, living clay and clay for dental care. Especially popular are pendantswith imprinted positive vibrations and energy stones.

GPS: N 46° 13' 43'' / E 14° 34' 30''