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Velika planina alp

Velika planina alp

Velika planina d. o. o.

Kamniška Bistrica 2a, 1242 Stahovica

The Velika planina alp is undoubtedly one of the biggest natural attractions in the Heart of Slovenia. It is the highest mountain pasture in Slovenia. It comprises more than 500 distinctive shepherd’s cottages, numerous pastures, forests, dwarf pine and characteristic karstic sinkholes. From June to September the shepherds take the cows out into fields andmake try sour milk and decorated trnič cheese, which you can buy here.

You can go to the Velika planina alp on foot or by the gondola lift from the Kamnik Bistrica, which operates all year round. Have a break at the Zeleni Rob Inn (Gostišče Zeleni rob), which is conveniently located near the gondola lift middle station, and try its diverse dishes, à la carte lunch menus, cold dishes and desserts. They offer farm feasts for groups and dishes typical of the alpine world. When the pasture is not snow-capped, it is ideal for strolls and hiking. You can get to know how the shepherds used to live in the past at themuseum Preskar Hut (Preskarjeva koča) and see the Chapel of St. Marija Snežna, which is especially well-visited on holidays. The Velika planina alp is also popular among mountain bikers, who enjoy forest trails and idyllic landscape. In wintertime there are well-arranged ski slopes for alpine skiers, boarders and sled riders. Additionally, different programmes are organised for schools and other groups.

GPS: N 46° 18' 17'' / E 14° 36' 33''