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The Village Centre of Trzin

The Village Centre of Trzin

Turistično društvo Kanja Trzin

Ljubljanska cesta 12 F, 1236 Trzin

Trzin has a very dynamic history that stretches back to the new Stone Age. An archaeological site discovered on Onger Hill and a small stone axe excavated in a quarry bare witness to this long history. In the times of Ancient Rome, the Roman road Emona-Celeia ran through the village. Excavations suggest that this place was already inhabited in those days.

Trzin is known for the battles that were fought in the surrounding fields along the bridges in times of the Ottoman invasions, in the war against Napoleon’s France, during both World Wars and in the Slovene war for independence in 1991. Another notorious character that haunted around the area was Dimež – the most infamous and cruel bandit far and wide.
Many residents of Trzin used to earn their living working as butchers, and from this tradition originates the famous Trzin sausage, trzinska klobasa.

The cultural heritage of this area is truly rich. Essential treasures include a plague and death column built of stone, wooden hay-racks known as kozolci, homesteads and old Trzin pubs. All attractions in this area are scattered along three parallel roads: Jemčeva cesta, Mengeška cesta and Ulica za hribom. You will also find some attractions on Habatova ulica and Ljubljanska cesta. The area lies on the eastern, sunny side of Ongar Hill, known as the Zarebre area, south of Ongar Hill. Here you will find several bigger farms. According to oral tradition, a maiden of giant Ajd oversees from Onger Hill how the farmers are running their farms.