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Rača Educational Trail, Moravče Valley

Rača Educational Trail, Moravče Valley

Turistično društvo Moravče

Vegova 19, 1251 Moravče

Leading past St. Andrew’s Church, Rača Educational Trail invites you to get to know the architectural, sacral and other legacy as well as experience natural beauties of the unspoiled nature significantly marked by the human hand.

Rača is a stream in Moravška dolina which offers the visitor numerous interesting encounters in nature. The land where it flows belongs to the so-called isolated karst of Moravče which offers the majority of karstic phenomena in a small area. Underground streams occasionally appear in one of the caves or as a karstic well on the surface. Limestone rocks hide innumerable fossil remains of sea animals from the unbelievably distant two hundred million years ago.

The Rača was an important source of energy for the surrounding villages near the stream and further away. The remains of mills and saw-mills bear testimony of this and numerous wooden kozolci along the trail are unique monuments to the respect of tradition and mute material witnesses of the knowledge and aesthetic principles of carpentry masters.

1-hour-and-a-half walk along the Rača Educational trail offers numerous possibilities to bring back memories of the past to the elderly people, and an interesting lesson in nature to the youth.