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Sava River Pebbles Permanent Collection, Litija

Sava River Pebbles Permanent Collection, Litija

Društvo za razvoj podeželja LAZ, Jablaniška dolina

Gasilski dom Breg pri Litiji

Tenetiše 2, 1270 Litija

The sub-basin of the Sava River has an exceptionally rich geological heritage that you can discover in the village of Breg pri Litiji. In this very area, the Sava River forms its largest meanders and builds its largest gravel bars. More than 300 of the Sava River pebbles are displayed here as a unique permanent exhibition. The collection of rocks from the geological heritage of the Sava River was put together in cooperation with the Slovenian Museum of Natural History.

The exhibition can be visited at any time upon arrangement or notification by phone.

GPS: N 46°03'48'' / E 14°51'17''