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Carlos Kleiber Memorial Room, Konjšica

Carlos Kleiber Memorial Room, Konjšica

Slavko Žurga in Zorica Fele

Konjšica, 1272 Polšnik

The famous conductor Carlos Kleiber, who often escaped the hustle and bustle of professional life in the pristine countryside near Litija, found his peace in the village of Konjšica. You can visit the village’s Kleiber Memorial Room, which displays his professional and private life. The Kleiber’s performances of Beethoven's Fifth and Seventh Symphonies with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are considered to be legendary. The village occasionally hosts concerts of classical music.

Opening hours: by appointment.

GPS: N 46°05'49'' / E 14°58'17'' (Church of St. Bartholomew)