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Škunder Homestead, Slivna

Škunder Homestead, Slivna

Barbara Vrtačnik

Slivna 13d, 1252 Vače

At the Škunder Homestead in the village of Slivna, situated close to the Geometric Centre of Slovenia, you will be enchanted by their handmade ceramics. Barbara Vrtačnik creates decorative ceramic ware, fruit holders and vases, bowls, spoons, soap dispensers and other earthenware products.

At the homestead and pottery workshop they are especially proud of their more than 200-year-old granary and a large double hayrack (“toplar”), while the visitors are also surprised by the unusual wooden and stone sculptures connected to the Škunder Homestead’s heritage.

In addition to pottery, you can buy home-made brandy, vinegar or honey at the Škunder granary.

Opening hours: by prior notification.

GPS: N 46°07'19" / E 14°48'58"