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“Potočka” Restaurant, Terme Snovik

“Potočka” Restaurant, Terme Snovik

Terme Snovik

Snovik 7, 1219 Laze v Tuhinji

The “Potočka” restaurant is part of the Snovik Spa complex, located in one of the smaller side valleys of Tuhinj Valley. In the restaurant kitchen, they also prepare the characteristic Tuhinj trout in 10 different ways, while they also enthral with the offer of traditional local dishes of Taste Kamnik.

At the restaurant, the visitors to the Spa, hikers and day visitors can refresh themselves with a variety of homemade dishes, assembled in 3 daily menus with excellent baked trout and dishes a la carte. They also offer vegetarian and other menus. There are special menu prices for visitors of the Snovik Spa swimming pools.

The restaurant occasionally hosts thematic days of various cuisines (Dalmatian cuisine, Mexican cuisine etc.), while also being an attractive choice for business and other meetings with its capacity and experienced chefs. The conference room can accommodate 30 persons.

The restaurant also has 150 seats outdoors and 76 seats under a roof.

GPS:  N 46°13'35" / E 14°42'16"