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Rado Nadvešnik s. p.

Rado Nadvešnik s. p.

Celovška 134 , 1000 Ljubljana

Rado Nadvešnik will take you on a guided tour of the natural Predoselj gorge in Kamniška Bistrica and a 30-metres adventurous descent into the gorge all the way to the thundery waterfall and the Divje srce pool. You can make arrangements for him to guide your children in the Kamniška Bistrica valley and carry out different adrenaline yet safe activities, which children will love. Guided tours in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps are also available, as well as a basic course of walking with crampons and stopping with ice axe or a course of backcountry skiing.

Rado Nadvešnik is additionally a master of solid-wood products: tables, benches, chairs, bird houses, etc.

GPS: N 46° 18' 18'' / E 14° 36' 40''