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GEOSS Adventure Park

GEOSS Adventure Park

Pustolovski park GEOSS d. o. o.

Slivna 15, 1252 Vače

The GEOSS Adventure Park, located in the vicinity of the Geometric Centre of Slovenia, is a place of unique experiences amidst the treetops. It offers five tree-top climbing routes of various difficulties with 72 different climbing elements, each set up at a different height (from 1 to 11 metres), which an adventurer overcomes in two to three hours. The last edition to the park is the Giant Flying Fox with total length of 915 metres, which makes it the longest descent in the Heart of Slovenia. You will be flying up to 25 metres above the ground, reaching the speed of 60 km/h. The park is also suitable for families – the easiest route can be completed by children aged four years and up.

Additionally, there is an area for picnics for 100 visitors in the park, perfect to organise different social events, team buildings, birthday celebrations, etc.

NEW: sleeping in the treetops with safety equipment!

GPS: N 46° 07’ 21” / E 14° 48’ 56”