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Mengeška koča

Mengeška koča

Jurij Repanšek s.p.

Ogrinovo 1, 1234 Mengeš

The hut on Gobavica, located at the altitude of 433 m, promises a stunning view over the Kamnik Alps. It’s a popular hiking and cycling spot due to easy access and its culinary offer, and is suitable for family trips as there’s children’s playground equipment and the mini ZOO. The hut offers homemade dishes, tasty Saturday and Sunday lunches with popular fried chicken, seasonal grilled dishes, krvavice (blood sausages), pečenice (homemade grilled sausages), cold cuts and doughnuts, apple strudel and sirovi štruklji (rolled dumplings with cottage cheese). Many are happy to return to the Mengeška koča hut to attend the traditional May Day celebrations with live music and a bonfire.

GPS: N 46° 09' 56'' / E 14° 33' 41''