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Limbarska gora Mount

Limbarska gora Mount

Župnija Moravče

Trg svobode 14, 1251 Moravče

The Limbarska gora Mount has enjoyed a great reputation among pilgrims and hikers for many centuries now, since it offers not only the pilgrimage destination of St. Valentine’s Church but also an amazing panoramic view.

Originally, Limbar Castle stood next to the pilgrimage church on Limbarska gora. According to the polymath Janez Vajkard Valvasor, the castle’s name is derived from limbar, an archaic Slovene word for lily. The original church was erected around 1667. It quickly became popular among pilgrims and was soon too small for the needs of a growing congregation and therefore had to be enlarged in the first half of the 18th century already. The building works were carried out under the supervision of Gregor Maček from Ljubljana, who achieved great success with this Baroque architectural masterpiece.

A rich treasury of art on Limbarska gora dates from the times of St. Valentine’s brotherhood, when there were large gatherings of pilgrims here. Today, people from far and wide still like to come to this place. St. Valentine was believed to intercede for those suffering from physical and infectious illnesses as well as epilepsy, and especially the latter liked to pray to him. In the church, you will find marks left by the people who were miraculously cured thanks to the intercessions of saints. A portico on the front side of the church gave shelter to many pilgrims and it was there that masses were celebrated at larger pilgrimage gatherings because the crowd could not fit in the church.

The best way to get to feel the pulse of Limbarska gora is to attend one of the pilgrimage gatherings or the event “Fetch a Carnation on Limbarska gora”.

GPS: N 46°09'29" / E 14°46'26"