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Javorje Energy Trail, Javorje

Javorje Energy Trail, Javorje

Športno društvo Javor

Javorje 23, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji

Above the upper river basin of the Temenica River you can feel the power of healing energies on the Javorje Energy Trail and become acquainted with different herbs and medicinal plants, either by yourself or through the professional guidance of Janez Javorski.

In this area, which was once the home for a Celtic tribe, there are 7 energy points. One of them is a particularly well-known point that has a beneficial effect on the functioning of kidneys and the urinary tract. You can experience something extraordinary by hugging the Javorje Stone and refreshing your body and mind at the source of living water. The Javorje Energy Trail is equipped with an information board and benches, while numerous little gardens with herbs, a lavender plantation and plants of the Celtic horoscope provide a special connection with nature.

Visitors can buy organic herbal products at the organic farm. It is possible to rent a picnic area or an area for meditation. The vicinity of the farm has pleasant hiking trails - you can go on the Javorje Circular Panoramic Trail, to Vrh Hill above the village of Obolno or on the circular Javorje hiking trail via the Vintarjevec. It is possible to sleep on hay at the homestead.

GPS: N 46°00'09" / E 14°50'08''