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Harmonija Hotel

Harmonija Hotel

Šport in wellness center Harmonija

Linhartova cesta 33, 1234 Mengeš

The Harmonija Hotel in Megeš offers hospitality and accommodation, as well as a wide variety of sports and wellness adventures. It is uniquely arranged according to the principles of Feng Shui, comprising of 6 twin bedrooms and 6 gallery triple bedrooms. All the rooms are modernly equipped with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. A restaurant, seating up to 100 people, offers great culinary delights and is suitable for different social events, celebrations and wedding ceremonies. Business meetings, seminars and presentations can be carried out at the conference room taking up to 50 people. The Harmony Hotel boasts 2500 m² covered spaces intended for group or individual sports activities, a picnic area and an outdoor sports park. The Harmonija Wellness Centre also invites you to indulge in the Sauna World (Svet savn), the World of Beauty (Svet lepote) and the Romantic World (Romantični svet).

GPS: N 46° 09' 53'' / E 14° 33' 60''