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Village of Gradišče, Primskova Gora Hill

Village of Gradišče, Primskova Gora Hill

Župnija Primskovo na Dolenjskem

Gradišče 17, 1276 Primskovo na Dolenjskem

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The Primskova Gora Hill above Šmartno pri Litiji is famous for the remains of one of the mighty defensive encampments in Slovenia, the pilgrimage route with 3 churches, as well as for the energy points studied by the famous priest Jurij Humar, the “miracle worker from Primskovo”.

The hill with chapels of the Way of the Cross is an attractive excursion destination for lovers of history, pilgrims and seekers of peace and health in nature.

Amidst the landscape of vineyards, pastures and forests, stands the pilgrimage parish church of the Birth of Mary (“Cerkev Marijinega rojstva”), the Romanesque church of St. Peter (“Cerkev Sv. Petra”) with the tomb of the lords of Bogenšperk Castle and the church of St. Nicholas (“Cerkev Sv. Nikolaja”), which is the youngest among the fortified churches, but was already mentioned by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor in his Glory of the Duchy of Carniola.

In the village of Gradišče, many visitors visit the grave of the priest and nature doctor Jurij Humar and his energy points in the vicinity.

GPS: N 45°58'59" / E 14°54'10"