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Gotrek Hiking

Gotrek Hiking

Dean Strosar s. p.

Grčna 19, 5000 Nova Gorica

The Heart of Slovenia extends to the picturesque Kamnik Alps attractive to hikers, mountaineers, trekking enthusiasts and seekers of experiences in the Alps in all seasons – even in winter. For suitably demanding and safe trails, choose professional guidance!

With its expert guides, Gotrek Hiking (“Gotrek Pohodništvo”) organises and leads hikes and trips along the mountain and hiking trails as well, as the explorations of even more demanding trails, ski touring and winter hikes.

Gotrek Hiking has an international license of the Union of International Mountain Leader Associations (UMLA), which allows them to organise tour guides around Europe and other countries of the world. Their extensive experience makes them a great partner for exploring the Kamnik and Savinja Alps at the edge of the Heart of Slovenia.