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Javornik Tavern, Šentrupert

Javornik Tavern, Šentrupert

Goran Pevec s. p.

Rakovnik 6, 8232 Šentrupert

Dishes from the wood-fired oven are the specialty of the Javornik Tavern (“Gostilna Javornik”). Dishes, which are prepared in a special way where at least part of the preparation took place over burning splinters, smoke and firewood, are an excellent reason to stop at the tavern. It also impresses with tasting menus and catering services at your desired location. The exploration of tastes from the Javornik kitchen with the wood-fired oven can also be offered as a gift – with their gift certificate.

The Javornik Tavern is a great base or the right place for a stopover on trips around the surrounding area, especially on trips to the Mirna River Valley as well as to the Žalostna Gora hill or Vesela Gora hill.

The tavern also has a resting place for campers.

GPS: N 45°57'4" / E 15°05'28"