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Golčaj and St. Agnes Church, Blagovica

Golčaj and St. Agnes Church, Blagovica

Župnija sv. Petra

Blagovica 9, 1223 Blagovica

St. Agnes Church in Golčaj is the oldest church in Črni graben river basin and also boasts the oldest bell in that area. The bell was made in 1423 in Venice by the bell craftsman Anton. This is now the small bell. If it was truly made for the church in Golčaj, that would mean that the church was already standing at the beginning of the 14th century. The first written records of the church date from 1526 and are contained in a register of churches. In the times of the Ottoman invasions, it was one of the richest churches and had to pay 6 guldens, and give away a chalice and two silver goblets for the needs of the war against the Ottomans.

In the period of the reforms introduced by Joseph II, the church was closed down and nobody knows exactly when services started again. Till the beginning of World War II, a Sacristan’s house stood bedside the church atop of the sunny side of the Golčaj slopes. It burnt down during the war. The church was also damaged and left in very bad condition till 1993 when it was renovated. On the initiative of the priest, the bell tower was first to be repaired; and later on the entire church was renovated. As the church was renovated, the wooden coffered ceiling was restored. According to the estimations of Dr. Nataša Golob, it dates back to 1680. As oral tradition would have it, the church belonged to a manor house in Limbarska gora. After the manor ran down, the church was owned by the Belneški noblemen.

GPS: N 46°10′15″ / E 14°48′24″