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Geometric center of Slovenia - GEOSS

Geometric center of Slovenia - GEOSS

Društvo za razvoj in varovanje GEOSS-a

Vače 10

1252 Vače

Geoss is actually the centre of the plane of our country as it is impossible to determine the centre of an irregular formation such as the outline of state borders. For the purpose of easier understanding, we have simplified the term and designated it as the Geometric Centre of Slovenia or in short - Geoss.

Geoss symbolized the Slovenes being deeply rooted in this territory, their vigour, resilience and defiance as despite the centuries of pressures they did not let themselves be deprived of their nationality; it represents the centuries-long endeavours of Slovenes for their existence and development. The symbol of Sloveneness and Vače, the linden tree - a holy tree for our ancestors - has grown in well until today.


GPS: N 46° 7' 11.8'', E 14° 48' 55.2''