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Pr' Blaj Ecological Excursion Farm

Pr' Blaj Ecological Excursion Farm

Vinko Kokovica

Dragovšek 4, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji

  • T: 00386 1 89 91 007, 00386 31 332 965

Located on the hill in the Land under the Kampl Hill, the pleasant excursion farm is also a post along the trail from Zavrstnik to Janče. To get to the farm from Litija or Šmartno pri Litiji only takes one hour. At weekends, the farm pampers their guests with lunches, cold cuts and homemade desserts, in wintertime with farm feasts consisting of homemade krvavice (blood sausages), pečenice (grilled pork sausages) and svinjska krača (trotters). They produce organic food and breed autochthonous Slovenian cows – the Cika cattle. Particularly in wintertime homemade delicacies can be bought here, such as salamis, pancetta, braciola, sausages, etc. By the farm, a playground is available for children to enjoy.

The farm is a popular hiking spot. Many visitors continue their hike to the Mahlin Farm, enjoying stunning views over the Kamnik Alps, Kum, Čemšeniška Planina pasture, Zasavska Sveta Gora mountain, Primskovo and Obolno as well as all the way to Snežnik.

Opening times: from Friday to Sunday from 10.00 to 22.00, on weekdays by prior arrangement; suitable for organised groups by prior appointment!

GPS: N 46° 02' 21'' / E 14° 47' 06''