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Rus Manor, Šentvid pri Lukovici

Rus Manor, Šentvid pri Lukovici

Štajerska cesta 9, Šentvid pri Lukovici

1225 Lukovica

The Rus Manor (“Dvorec Rus”), formerly the legendary carriage drivers’ tavern located on what used to be the main road between Styria and Ljubljana, is today a venue for special experiences: exhibitions, literary readings, musical and other artistic events which recreate and play on the atmosphere of past centuries. Announced groups can also experience sensory meals in the dark and other specialties.

The manor, first mentioned in 1710, boasts a Baroque hall, which is also suitable for weddings and other formal events, as well as exhibition rooms and a gallery.

GPS: N 46°09'48" / E 14°40'40