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Pr` Valentin's Homestead, Zgornja Jevnica

Pr` Valentin's Homestead, Zgornja Jevnica

Anton Jerant

  • T: +386 (0)31 463 965

Pr` Valentin homestead is located on the right bank of the Sava River on the slopes of Valentinov vrh above Jevnica. The distinctive feature of the homestead is that it was built out of hewed beams. The exterior of the house suggests that it was built over two periods; the preserved črna kuhinja or “black kitchen” – an old rural type of kitchen with an open furnace – and the central room known as the hiša date back to 1794. The year is carved into a beam in the house. The left-side part of the house with a lower ceiling and smaller doors dates from an earlier period. Above the house stands a house for drying fruits that was built in the first half of the 18th century. The owner renovated it completely in 2002 so that fruit could be dried there still today. Next to the house stands the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows which was erected in memory of the events of World War II.

Many footpaths lead past the homestead: the European Walking Route E6 (Baltic coast – Adriatic coast), Zasavje Transversal Route, Badjura Circular Trail, and during World War II, a trail of couriers and messengers also ran past the house. From the homestead, you can enjoy panoramic views across the Sava River and the surrounding hills such as Zagorica, Miklavž, Zg. Slivna, and Zasavska sveta gora.