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Paternoster Homestead

Paternoster Homestead

Ignac Paternoster

Tenetiše 1, 1270 Litija

The Paternoster Homestead, located in the village Tenetiše in the vicinity of Litija, close to the main Zasavje road, offers a pleasant area where motorhome travellers can rest and set up the tents. The homestead is involved in cheese production, which visitors can taste as well as buy. They also offer a nice area for outdoor learning school, organised groups or picnics, which is especially appealing to visitors in summertime. Those who seek unique adventure in the countryside are thrilled by the opportunity to sleep in the hayloft, make bread or bake corn by the open fire and Indian tent, which can take 15-20 people.

GPS: N 46° 03' 48" / E 14° 51' 19"