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St. Luke’s Church, Spodnje Prapreče at Lukovica

St. Luke’s Church, Spodnje Prapreče at Lukovica

Župnija Brdo

Brdo pri Lukovici 3, 1225 Lukovica pri Domžalah

  • T: +386 (0)1 723 67 40

The geographic position of this famous Gothic church and former pilgrim destination dedicated to St. Luke the Evangelist is quite unusual. It does not stand on top of a hill, but instead cuts into a slope rising above the village of Spodnje Prapreče. The church’s floor is also distinct: it rises 1.7 m from the main entrance to the presbytery.

The ox was the traditional symbol of St. Luke, one of the four Evangelists. It was also a symbol of sacrifice – the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for all mankind. In Slovenia, St. Luke was seen as a patron saint of farmers because of his symbol of an ox. However, by profession, St. Luke was a doctor and is, hence, also a patron saint of doctors. He supposedly painted the Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary (the icon in the Roman Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore) and was therefore also the patron saint of painters and artists.

Well-preserved frescos in the sanctuary depict a number of saints that were popular at the time of the church’s construction. Underneath the saints, Lord Janez Herič is portrayed praying together with his daughter.  He was probably the key initiator in the building of St. Luke’s Church as well as the main donator. In the nave, the builder – a stonecutter by the name of Štefan – and his family are portrayed. The vaults of the nave, the isles as well as the edges of the altar are adorned with beautiful tendrils in the part between keystones and ribs.

GPS: N 46°09'40" / E 14°41'33"