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St. Leonard’s Church in Krtina

St. Leonard’s Church in Krtina

Župnija Dob

Ulica 7. avgusta 23, 1233 Dob

The Church of St. Leonard, a Chapel of Ease belonging to the Dob Parish, most certainly ranks as one of the most precious pieces of Slovenia’s Gothic architecture.

The church was built around 1500. A written record of this date has never been found, however, above the door on the northern church side you can see the date 1640, when the church was probably completed or remodelled.

In the church’s interior, two rows of five octagonal columns support the vaulted ceiling and divide the church into a nave and isles of equal height, length and width, which is a unique example of such architecture in Slovenia.

There are many interesting things to see at St. Leonard’s Church in Krtina. Among them is the fact that the Stations of the Cross bear inscriptions in the old Bohorič alphabet. The bells in the church’s bell tower were replaced several times. Four bronze bells were lost in war. In the middle of February of 1917 they were melted down and used to make cannons in order to meet the needs of the Austro-Hungarian army. Krtina got new bronze bells in 1927, and on this occasion a member of Slovene parliament, Valentin Rožič, held a speech. On the biggest of the new bells, which is adorned with relief, is written in Gothic manuscript: “I shall toll in greeting to all three of you every day; receive blessings from above!”

GPS: N 46°09'03" / E 14°39'33"