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Church of St. Cunigund in Tabor nad Ihanom

Church of St. Cunigund in Tabor nad Ihanom

Župnija Ihan

Pokopališka cesta 7, 1230 Domžale

The only church in the archdiocese of Ljubljana dedicated to St. Cunigund is perched atop a 377-metre-high hill overlooking Goričica pri Ihanu.

The fort church was erected in the hard times of the notorious Ottoman invasions and served in this era of the Ottoman expansion as a fort – as the name itself implies. It was first mentioned on March 20, 1519, when eminent church dignitaries granted 100-day-indulgence to everyone who visited this church on certain days. The ceiling of the church is flat and plastered. Today there are four altars in the church; before there used to be five.
Cunigund (980 – 1033) was the wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II and the educator of the first Slovene female saint Ema Krška.

Because of the historical connection between the Krumperk Castle and Tabor, the Krumperk nobility chose St. Cunigund’s Church to be their final resting place and built a family vault beside the church where several members of the Rasp lineage were buried. Unfortunately, the vault was devastated and plundered on May 1st 1945.

Look for the key to tour the church at the former Sacristan’s house and today’s private house of the Pirc family.

GPS: N 46°07'28" / E 14°37'48"