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St. Florian's Church in Trzin

St. Florian's Church in Trzin

Župnija Trzin

Habatova ul. 15, 1236 Trzin

The Gothic Church of St. Florian was erected in the middle of the 14th century and was first mentioned in written records in 1526 by Janez Vajkard Valvasor. It used to be a Chapel of Ease of the Mengeš Parish till 1974 when it became a parish church itself.

In the middle of the 14th century was erected the Gothic Church of St. Florian. Among the still preserved relics are a 15th-century statue of St. Florian that was carved out of sandstone as well as a cross and a chandelier both designed by Jože Plečnik.

The church was rebuilt in the Baroque style for the first time most probably in 1649, as indicated by the inscription on a stone built into the bridge that stands in front of the church. Remodelling efforts that gave the church its present Baroque appearance were carried out from 1725 to 1733. Three new altars were erected: the main altar dedicated to St. Florian, the left side altar dedicated to St. Urban and the right side altar dedicated to St. Leonard. The whole complex was enlarged with the addition of the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier.

The original Gothic church was turned around. The entrance of the old church was where the bell tower now stands and the altar used to stand close to where the church’s entrance lies today. The Baroque altering resulted in “rotating” the church by 180 degrees. You can see an image of what the original church would have looked like beside the statue of St. Florian on the main altar. In the 19th century a sacristy was added and later on, a choir.
The church is a part of the Trzin Tourist Trail.

GPS: N 46°08'06" / E 14°33'34"