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The Church of Anthony of Padua in Velika Štanga

The Church of Anthony of Padua in Velika Štanga

Župnija Štanga

Velika Štanga 10, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji

Velika Štanga is a settlement stretched out on a rolling plateau east of Janče and beneath the Kamplov hrib hill. According to legend, a treasure is hidden in the hill.

The village is known for its štangarce cherries, its good bee pastures, and its plentiful forest fruits near the woods. You can take a walk along the Beekeeping Educational Trail as well as the Chestnut-Trail. Chestnut trees have always grown abundantly in the forests of this area. Because their wood is humidity resistant, people made poles out of it – known among the locals as štange. These štange were used in nearby mines as support pillars and perhaps that is where the village got its name.

The Church of St. Anthony of Padua stands on the spot where locals first built a chapel. This was one of the most famous pilgrimage routes in the Dolenjska Region and pilgrims came here from far and wide. It is said that several miracles happened in Štanga. At the centre of the main altar (1886) is a statue of Anthony of Padua, martyr and patron saint of all people who are in love. The church celebrates three gatherings: one on the 13th of June, which is St. Anthony’s name day; one on the first Sunday in September; and one on a Sunday in October, which is St. Simon, St. Jude and St. Thaddeus’s name day.

GPS: N 46°02'53" / E 14°45'54"