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St. Anne's Church, Tunjice

St. Anne's Church, Tunjice

Župnija Tunjice

Tunjice 9, 1241 Kamnik

From the ridge above the vilage of Tunjice, with the exceptional Grintovec ridge in Kamniške planine mountains as its backdrop, a Baroque beauty is perched, the church of St. Anne, the icon of the Slovene Baroque period.

The original church was built in the Gothic style with one bell tower and a wall built around it (stemming back to the Ottoman invasions). It was dedicated to St. Anne, patron saint of mothers and girls and was for centuries a famous pilgrim destination. Since the church was too small, it was demolished and on the same site the present Baroque beauty with two bell towers and a dome roofed nave was erected. The building works were financed by and carried out under the supervision of a priest from Komenda by the name of Peter Pavel Glavar. The design of the church was based on St. Agnes Cathedral in Rome. In addition to the craftsmen from Mengeš and Kamnik, more than 100 Prussian prisoners were involved in the church’s construction and the hill had to be lowered for 3 metres so that such a big church could be built. During construction, Peter Pavel Glavar had relics of the martyrs Jucundus and Columbanus, which were brought in from Rome, built into the corner stones. As early as 1796, the relicts of St. Peregrina were brought in from Rome. The relicts were carried from Komenda to the church by 14 girls that were aged 14. What is interesting is that St. Peregrina was martyred and killed when she was 14-years-old herself.

Tunjice has two natural attractions: fossils sandy marl rock from the Miocene era and a natural health resort – the spring of living water and energy points known for their healing powers.

GPS: E 46°13'53" / N 14°34'40"