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St. Andrew’s Church, Moravče Valley

St. Andrew’s Church, Moravče Valley

Župnijski urad Moravče

Trg svobode 14, 1251 Moravče

  • T: +386 (0)1 723 10 55

St. Andrew’s Church boasting a long tradition and rich history connected with the Ottomans, which the remains of the anti-Ottoman camp prove, stands in the karstic world northern from the steep gorge of the Rača stream in Moravška dolina valley.

A well-fortified church tower was the central part of the fortification and the main defence building from the time of the anti-Ottoman camps. It was modelled as an independent building separated from the church – it is connected with it on the first floor via a passage leading to the organ loft. The church was built mainly in the late Gothic and partly in the late Baroque style. Of special importance are the frescoes in presbytery which among other scenes depict also those from the Passion of Christ and the scenes of the Hunt of the one-horned – the Closed Garden. They were painted at the beginning if the 16th century by Master Leonard and are appreciated as one of the biggest masterpieces of the late Middle Ages in Slovenia.

Leading past St. Andrew’s Church, Rača Educational Trail invites you to get to know the architectural, sacral and other legacy as well as experience natural beauties of the unspoiled nature significantly marked by the human hand.

GPS: N 46°08'15" / E 14°42'36"