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Brdo at Lukovica

Brdo at Lukovica

Turistična zveza občine Lukovica

Stari trg 1, 1225 Lukovica

Brdo is a small settlement above Lukovica that was mentioned in records as early as the 14th century. What once used to be a small village later became home to noblemen, clerks and intellects.Today it is a monument to a rich history and a lovely place for a short break.

In this very place, the magnificent work of Renaissance architecture known as Brdo Castle, built by Lamberg family in 1552, is infront of us. Exactly three hundred years after its construction, a famous Slovene writer by the name of Janko Kersnik, who with his works made great contributions to Slovene literature, was born in the castle. Fran Levec, a literary historian and editor, taught the noblemen’s children in that castle. This was also the place where composers Oskar Dev and Anton Lajovic served as judges. The castle walls made up a rich mosaic of history until World War II, when the castle burnt down. It has never been renovated to its former self.

The Baroque Parish Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, whose bells proudly toll and invite the faithful, is decorated with frescos by the renowned Slovene painter Fran Jelovšek. An especially interesting sight here is the sundial.

The Janko Kersnik Primary School, which dates back to 1837, stands next to the church along with a presbytery and the birth house of France Marolt (1891-1951), a renowned Slovene composer and acclaimed choirmaster who was actively involved in cultural activities. Above Marlot’s homestead towers the Beekeeping Centre of Slovenia, where you can learn about honey plants along a herbal-beekeeping trail in unspoiled nature. With just a glance at delicious honey products, honey-ideas spring up.

GPS: N 46°10'10" / E 14°41'04"