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Adventures in the Charcoal Land

Adults, as well as children, will see the woods in a new way after visiting the Charcoal Land! Along the themed trail you will learn about tree species, pick suitable wood material and make a bench. You can draw your adventures using charcoal which is burnt in Dole and try a dish cooked in embers from charcoal.


  • Meeting a guide at the hunting cabin in Dole pri Litiji, a presentation of the CharcoalLand and the tradition of charcoal burning
  • A walk along the themed Charcoal Trail through the forest: learning about tree species and picking material in order to make a charcoal pile
  • Arrival at the Brinovec Charcoal Burner Homestead: getting acquainted with the vocation of a charcoal burner and making a charcoal pile under the leadership of animator
  • Drawing motives from the charcoal burner lifestyle using charcoal and paper
  • The charcoal burner meal: goulash, bread and herbal beverage, baking potatoes in embers
  • An unforgettable experience of the charcoal burning tradition and new skills on how to use wood, fire and water!

 4 hours
Starting point: Dole pri Litiji, Brinovec Charcoal Burner Homestead
Equipment: sports gear and footwear
Season: from early spring to late autumn

Especially suitable for families and school groups!


  • Families: 60 EUR/family (transport not included) (2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years of age)
  • Up to 10 people: 34 EUR/person (transport and guiding included)
  • Up to 20 people: 30 EUR/person (transport and guiding included)

For more information and programme reservation, please contact:
TIC Kamnik, Glavni trg 2, 1241 Kamnik; T: 00386 1 831 8250; E: info@kamnik.siJarina, Kidričeva cesta 1, 1270 Litija; T: 051 312 739, E: