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Getting to know the golden age of straw hat making in the Heart of Slovenia

We will visit Domžale, the town of the most sought after straw hats in Europe back in the day, and reminisce about the unique skill of straw plaiting and a scent of honey dough. In Mengeš we will seek tastes of homemade dishes and melodies from the renowned Mengeš instruments.


  • An individual arrival or an organised ride to the Straw Hat Making Museum in Domžale
  • A guided tour of museum and a demonstration of straw plaiting and sewing (possibilities to try yourself in plaiting and sewing)
  • A walk to the Lenček Gallery, a guided tour of the gallery, getting acquainted with honey-bread baking traditions,a demonstration of decorating lect – pastry made from honey dough
  • A ride to Dobeno nad Mengšem, lunch or dinner at the Blaž Agritourism
  • Different instruments which originate from Mengeš, the place of renowned musical traditions, will be played at dinner
  • An organised ride to the starting point

half a day, approximately 6 hours
Season: year-round


  • Up to 8 people: 62 EUR/person
  • Up to 15 people: 75 EUR/person
  • Up to 20 people: 63 EUR/person

For more information and programme reservation, please contact:
TIC Kamnik, Glavni trg 2, 1241 Kamnik; T: 00386 1 831 8250; E: info@kamnik.siJarina, Kidričeva cesta 1, 1270 Litija; T: 051 312 739, E: