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Experience the Heart of Slovenia on your own or choose one of the programmes offering adventures of several hours, days or weeks. In addition to sightseeing, the programmes include meeting people who will open doors of their homesteads and workshops to announced guests or organise adventures for different groups.

Group hikes and journeys, as well as visits to sights of the area, all filled with adrenaline, will further inspire you to embark on exploring Slovenia! After having experienced the local culinary offer, which is included in most programmes, you will gladly return to the Heart of Slovenia to get homemade crops and produce and at the same time try new recipes of the local housewives. You will acquire new knowledge when meeting the local craftsmen and charcoal burners in programmes of special adventures. The Heart of Slovenia is a place where you will find your favourite romantic spots, especially when choosing the romance programme, which is full of lovely surprises for two.

The programmes are arranged for groups of various numbers and interests, and can be booked at TIC Kamnik and Jarina. Some are especially suitable for families. The programme organisation can be adjusted according to your wishes and group sizes: make arrangements and organise adventures your way!