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Natural heritage

In the Heart of Slovenia, the nature’s power can be felt by the springs of thermal waters at the Snovik Spa (Terme Snovik), at the Tunjice Natural Health Resort (Naravni zdravilni gaj Tunjice), by the rivers, such as the Kamniška Bistrica and the Sava, or at the confluence of three rivers, in mysterious karstic phenomena, such as those which can be seen in the Železna jama cave, in protected natural areas, like the wetland near Mengeš. Forest learning trails welcome you to explore the mysterious forests, hiking trails invite you to explore spectacular views. In the Heart of Slovenia, nature and culture meet on the Velika planina alp, the biggest Slovenian park Arboretum Volčji potok, in the Charcoal Land, and in many other places!

Explore the places of natural heritage in the Heart of Slovenia!