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Levstik's Trail

The journey from Litija to Čatež is one of the most popular hiking events in Slovenia. Each year several thousands of people of all generations gather on this 22-kilometre-long trail. The trail was described by Fran Levstik in his travelogue “The Journey from Litija to Čatež”.

The event is held each year on St Martin’s Day in November. The trail begins in Litija and ends in Čatež in Dolenjska, running through the picturesque hills of Dolenjska. The trail is equipped with 80 information boards, where you can read the passages of the original travelogue of Fran Levstik. You can hike along this trail all year round.

If you wish to experience the trail the way it is, we recommend you to join the hike. You will not only be able to enjoy the natural, cultural and ethnological sights but also socialize with the locals and taste the local culinary.

Indeed an experience you cannot miss!


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